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Steady cycling club was Armagh's first cycling club born in August 2006. When a group of friends decided that there wasn't a local cycling club to cater for non racing cyclists.

We are a local friendly cycling club that concentrates on leisure cycling from an easy paced Wednesday evening spin through to a fast paced Saturday Group ride and everything in between. 

We meet at 9.30am on Saturday mornings and at 7.00pm on Wednesday evenings our meeting place is Fruitfield filling station on the main Armagh road nr Richhill. 

We have three groups on Saturday and two on Wednesday evenings that are paced to suit all abilities. other club spins are arranged through our club Facebook page.

Definitions of groups

A Group

Our A group would be our fastest group, we expect members to be able to maintain a fast pace throughout the ride and be experienced in riding within a group. This includes change ups and knowledge of the calls or hand signals made within the group.


B Group

Our B group would be for competent riders that want a challenging spin at a reasonable pace. The B group will wait at the top of difficult climbs and or the end of difficult sections to re group. If it’s not safe they will wait where it is safe, in a pre arranged place for the group to get back together and continue the ride.  This will be determined by your ride captain. 


C Group 

Our C group would be for beginners or riders that want a less challenging ride. The ride captain and appointed experienced riders will offer advice and coaching to anyone that needs it.  The pace will be determined by the ride captain after assessing the ability of the riders present. This may change mid ride if any of the participants are having difficulty.


The ride captain word is final. Groups may be split into smaller sections if the captain feels that this is appropriate and the captain will appoint a leader for the new group. No one will be left alone on the road. If it is necessary someone will be appointed as a chaperone to ensure that everyone gets home safely. If a new rider is unsure of their ability they will be put into the C group where the ride captain will assess them and advise them which would be the most appropriate group for them. All riders must have a safe and well maintained bicycle , appropriate clothing and  an approved cycling helmet.

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We meet at 09:00 am on Saturday's at Fruitfield Filling station Richhill

We meet at 7:00 pm on Wednesday evenings at Fruitfield Filling station Richhill